Server Reflection

Hey there, it's been quite a bit since my last post, and I would just like to say thank you. Thank you all for taking your time to join the server, and leaving your input. We've learned about our strengths and weaknesses these past two weeks, and now we're taking everyone's feedback and are making the necessary adjustments to the server. I applaud the people who read my last blog post and took the time to follow the guidelines that I gave. We probably won't open the server for awhile, as we introduce a pretty substantial update and the next announcement that you'll see should be a important one.

Now after reviewing some concerns, I would just like to touch base on a couple of things. First of all, if it wasn't clear already - MPL Practice is a prototype. The current version of practice is meant for people to get on, leave suggestions and feedback, have fun for a bit, and then get off. It's not meant to be treated as a production server (ex. mmc, lunar, pvpland, etc). And as stated in our last post, the current practice core is not going to be used on our server when we fully release. (I strongly recommend reading this one if you haven't already)!

We are closing in on a complete recode which will be utilized and tested to be used during the server's full release, with actual unique & innovative features (this also includes the anticheat, which is temporary). There is no point in us putting one hundred percent of our effort into code that's getting completely thrown away anyways. Most people don't understand that it takes thousands of dollars just to make a decent server, even if it's just practice (practice, server core, hub core, etc). There's a reason why most if not every server out right now, uses some fork of frozenorb's code instead of making their own. Meanwhile, even our backend is something that we've been working on for months prior to any announcement on the server. It's very long, expensive, and extensive process that most companies simply don't bother in doing since for most part it wouldn't be worth it. If anything, the entire time we've been more focused on the server's performance, which is why we randomly unwhitelist the server in waves and allow a few people to connect on the weekends. Like seriously - look at the words on the scoreboard when you log in to practice on the server: NA LEAGUE [BETA]

(The words [BETA] is in the title for a reason, everyone sees this right?)

And just to make it even more clear - there will be bugs, alot of them. If you would like to contribute to fixing the issues, please report them in our discord. We've never set any standard for MPL (yet), so please try to hold us to reasonable expectations. That's not to say that you can't have your opinions, we understand that not everyone is going to like everything. But we feel like some people expected us to come out of the woodwork , create a server in like 4 days (aka rename minehq's code), release it, and then try to compete with every other server that's out there.

What I just stated above is what all of these aspiring "software development and talent management" companies do, and that's not what's going to happen at MPL. This is probably the only server that is going to have an actual custom practice core in literally years if we're being completely honest here. I know there's plenty of shortcuts that we can take but we are not doing it, and we outright refuse to rush out the server to a large number of players until it's of a certain quality. So yes there will be some bugs on the server, and yes we will continue to fix them whilst remaking everything from ground up. That's why I'd rather have a nice & stable community and not a high playercount server. We love all of you guys. ❤️

Written by

Ryan (Intolerance)