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Dec. 24, 2021

Updated: 1/15/22

Hi Everyone,

If you’ve kept up to date with our twitter, you would’ve known about a $1000 content creator event called (to keep up to date with the latest MPL news, please follow)! Three months ago, a South Korean drama called “squid game” was released on Netflix, this is now the most-streamed netflix show of all time. Once the show aired, in the midst of creating mpl’s entire infrastructure, we had the idea to recreate all of the games in the show in Minecraft.

First things first - I forced everyone to watch the entire series from st...

Thanks for the support + FAQ

Nov. 03, 2021

Hi everyone, just wanted to make this blog post to express our appreciation for everyone that has shown up to the past few beta testing sessions. I am now happy to announce that for the most part, phase one of our beta testing has been completed and we will see you guys very soon. If anyone was unaware of what was happening, please feel free to look at our server reflection blog post to get a better understanding.

As stated previously, “...The current version of the server is meant for people to get on, leave suggestions and feedback, have fun for a bit, and then get off. It's not meant to be treated as a production server (ex. MMC, lunar, pvpland, etc)... The current code on the server is not going to be used on our server when we fully release…”

What I stated above still is true today, we will resume testing on our new codebase very soon. The entire goal was to simply collect vi...

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